Coinbase Will Enter The Japanese Market

Already in 2019, the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will enter the Japanese market and firmly gain a foothold in it, the head of the exchange himself, Mike Lempres, made this statement.

At the moment, the management of the exchange is negotiating with the FSA (financial agency of Japan) on the account of licensing activities in the country. The head of the exchange himself reports that the negotiations are proceeding normally.

“We said that the exchange will enter the Japanese market, we will keep our word. This will unconditionally happen next year, ”  said Mike Lempres himself.

The exchange had an idea about entering the Japanese market 2 years ago.

Now the trading platform is doing everything to speed up the process of obtaining a license and hopes that in 2019, Japanese residents will be able to use the services of the exchange. Lempres emphasizes that in order to obtain official permission, Coinbase will have to provide the FSA with all the data on the secure trading system.

This is a key requirement for exchanges in Japan, where Coincheck and most recently Zaif have been cyberattacked. Recently, the FSA has taken into consideration 16 applications, of which only 3 received a satisfactory result.

The Coinbase exchange itself is confident in its security system, following from this, the administration is confident in obtaining licensing and that the application will be approved soon.

As a reminder, in August, Coinbase filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to register a new technology that will provide users with increased security for crypto wallets . Its main goal is to ensure the security of transactions in all cryptocurrencies.