Cryptocurrency In Sports

Recently the people did not have any knowledge anything about cryptocurrency or at least, they considered it to be a myth and confusing. In the course of the many years since the advent of cryptocurrency, the scenario has changed significantly due to the many enthusiastic users and a great deal of trust has been exhibited on the horizon of “electronic money” – both from the viewpoint of investors as well as from the viewpoint of regular users. The world of sport also was not left in the shadows and demonstrated its confidence in cryptocurrency not just in words, but also through actions.

Cryptocurrency and American Basketball

The debut of cryptocurrency in sports took place in March 2014, when the American basketball club Sacramento Kings began accepting payments for tickets to club matches in the form of cryptocurrency. Also, fans could get the opportunity to pay with crypts and for the team’s attributes. Fans can make such purchases through the official website of the team.

Following Sacramento, another basketball club, Dallas Mavericks, drew attention to cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, “Dallas” has been looking closely at the crypt for a long time – the “introduction” took place only four years later, and now only tickets to the game can be purchased for the crypt. Naturally, if you do not forget to buy cryptocurrency beforehand.

European sports and cryptocurrency

The perception of cryptocurrency in Europe is associated, first of all, with the name of the Danish hockey player Nikolai Rosenthal. The athlete was one of the first in Europe who chose to abandon conventional money in favor of cryptocurrency. It is also interesting that the owner of Rungsted, in which Rosenthal plays, is the Danish billionaire and bitcoin enthusiast Niklas Nicolaysen.

The owner of Rungsted owns a provider of bitcoin payments and, in principle, is an ardent fan of cryptocurrency – so much so that even the ice rink of his own hockey club was modestly christened by the billionaire “Bitcoin Arena”.

Cryptocurrency in football

Football did not lag behind basketball – the adoption of the cryptocurrency of the world of football happened in the same 2014. The pioneer of the money of the future was the Polish club from Katowice GKS. In early 2014, the football club made a statement that both tickets and club merchandise can now be purchased for cryptocurrency.

Turkish football club “Harunustaspor” generally acquired a new player for cryptocurrency. Athlete Omar Farouk was valued at 0.0524 bitcoins (which is approximately 450 euros or 2.5 thousand Turkish lire at the rate of cryptocurrencies). An interesting feature of the transaction is that the idea of ​​buying with cryptocurrency belongs to Omar Farouk himself, and not to the club – nevertheless, the transaction took place and became one of the first football acquisitions made with the money of the future.

Athletes, advertising, and crypt

Despite the many sports deals, cryptocurrency is often featured in advertisements featuring famous athletes.

  • American boxer Floyd Mayweather recently became the official face of an advertising campaign aimed at promoting and popularizing cryptocurrency on social networks.
  • Spanish football club Espanyol also took up advertising for one of the companies promoting crypto. In this case, the sportsmen’s T-shirts were decorated with the logo of the mentioned startup to popularize the “electric money”.
  • The British also started advertising cryptocurrencies: the London club “Arsenal” signed a contract with the “CashBet” company, which also conducts activities to popularize cryptocurrencies. The company’s advertising information was posted on the club’s official website, as well as at its stadium.
  • A significant step in advertising cryptocurrencies was made during the Winter Olympics 2018. So, for example, in some hotels, cafes, and souvenir shops, guests of the Olympics could pay with crypts, and one of the athletes – Canadian speed skater Ted-Ian Blumen – even received a cryptocurrency reward.