How and where can you find out about the release of a new cryptocurrency in 2021

New assets with great growth potential are constantly emerging in the cryptocurrency industry . And in order to find the best options for investment, you need to regularly monitor promising projects, as well as analyze their key benefits.

New cryptocurrencies in 2021

In 2021 , a lot of promising cryptocurrencies appeared that deserve the attention of investors. Information about them can be found in various sources. But those who want to save time and get up-to-date news and analytics quickly should visit the Binance Press Center page

In addition, a lot of information about the ratings cryptocurrency 2020 is 2021 the year can be found in Binance blog. It regularly publishes articles on the cryptocurrency market , as well as on projects that are gaining popularity and can bring investors a good profit in the near future. 

Cryptocurrency Polygon Network (MATIC)

The current value is $ 1.62.

It is a sidechain (child blockchain) of Ethereum, the main goal of which is to maximize the speed of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Previously, the Polygon project was called Matic Network. Rebranding with the introduction of the new name was made in February 2021 the year .

After the update, 2 important functions appeared on the platform:

  1. One-click blockchain deployment.
  2. Support for modularity. It is this feature that allows individual blockchains to be both independent and compatible with Ethereum.

With the help of MATIC, the developers plan to eliminate several problems specific to Ethereum:

  • expensive transactions;
  • low bandwidth;
  • complex scalability process.

The Polygon sidechain is a standalone independent platform capable of interacting with the main blockchain, providing a complete data exchange. At the same time, MATIC is an ERC-20 token, and it can be stored on any Ethereum wallet.

There are 3 options for using this cryptocurrency :

  • staking – receiving a reward for keeping coins in your wallet;
  • payment for transactions within the Polygon network;
  • the product of the calculation between users.

The Polygon Network solution has already proven its worth. Therefore, various companies began to use it. 

Among them:

  • Easyfi is a service for issuing and receiving loans in cryptocurrencies.
  • Aavegotchi is a platform for trading NFT tokens.

Cryptocurrency Mina Protocol (MINA)

The current value is $ 3.16.

This decentralized platform differs in that it was first used for its operation “compressed blockchain”. Its blockchain size was only 22 kb. This solution was created against the backdrop of the problems with the heaviness of traditional networks.

For example:

  • Ethereum blockchain weighs over 270 GB;
  • in the case of bitcoin, this figure exceeds the 350 GB mark. 

And over time, their size will only grow. 

It is very inconvenient for users to download such volumes to their PC. So the development team, realizing this problem, started using SNARK recursive proofs. This technology is used to fully verify transactions. 

As a result, it turned out to get rid of the need to store and confirm transactions directly in the Mina Protocol network. At the same time, only a snapshot of the blockchain is needed to prove the reliability of transactions. It is this scheme of work that lightens the weight of the network. 

The MINA cryptocurrency itself is used to generate new blocks. And with its help, SNARK proof is paid in the SnarketplacŠµ marketplace. The process is structured in such a way that first the validators must buy the MINA coin, after which they will have the opportunity to add new blocks to the system.

The maximum supply of MINA is not limited, that is, the coin is inflationary. Now its number in circulation is increasing by 12% per year , but the developers plan to reduce this figure to 7%. 

Users have the ability to use staking when working with MINA. The longer the funds are kept in the wallet, the greater the amount of the reward.

Clover Finance (CLV) cryptocurrency 

The current value is $ 1.53.

This project was launched with the goal of bringing cross-chain compatibility to the DeFi ecosystem. It is achieved through the use of SPV modeling, which works on the basis of the Merkle proof of inclusion mechanism.

This network uses an internal token – CLV. It can be used on the Clover blockchain as well as the Polkadot ecosystem. Thanks to the innovative technology, users will be able to connect to multiple blockchains at the same time. For example, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and others. In addition, it became possible to synchronize several decentralized applications.

Clover is already actively cooperating with major partners: Chainlink, TheGraph, Polygon, Litentry, Easyfi and others.

Cryptocurrency Persistence (XPRT)

Present value – $ 8.50.

This blockchain platform was developed to create a new generation of financial products.

Persistence software solutions combine the best features of both decentralized and centralized algorithms. This platform makes it possible to tokenize real assets – gold, oil, etc. It can also be used to lend cryptocurrencies.

The tokenization of real assets should be understood as the creation of their digital image on the blockchain.

This function allows you to solve 2 problems:

  • reducing transaction costs by eliminating the need to involve an intermediary in the transaction;
  • providing a convenient and easy process for trading illiquid assets.

Stable block financing is available to companies of various levels. At the same time, the process itself is simplified as much as possible, and the rates are profitable.

The Persistence financial product ecosystem consists of 4 solutions:

  1. PStake. A platform built for XPRT staking. The more assets are stored on wallets, the more profit their owners receive. 
  2. Comdex. Decentralized platform that allows you to trade assets that have been tokenized. At the same time, signing contracts and conducting transactions is as simple as possible. 
  3. Asset Mantle. This is a specialized service, thanks to which anyone can issue their own NFT tokens with the possibility of subsequent transfer of rights to them.
  4. PLEND. Decentralized platform designed for lending in the form of issuing stable blocks.

Several venture funds are currently cooperating with the Persistence project. Among them are AU 21 Capital, Wood Stock, Incrypt, Terra, LuneX, Inter Chain and others.

Cryptocurrency Flow (FLOW)

The current value is $ 23.51.

This cryptocurrency was also launched in the market in 2021 year . In a short time of its existence, it has shown one of the most rapid growth rates. For early investors, Flow’s ROI has surpassed 32,500%. It took Bitcoin several years to grow.

The creators of Flow have been able to significantly increase the throughput of the blockchain. However, they did not use sharding – dividing the database, its objects or indexes into separate segments. The developers were able to obtain such a result due to competent work with the roles of network participants. 

The division into:

  • execution nodes that increase transaction speed and improve scalability;
  • consensus nodes that ensure the decentralization of the system;
  • collector nodes that increase the overall efficiency of the blockchain;
  • verifier nodes that provide the desired level of confidentiality.

To solve various problems, Flow is already used by such companies as Binance, Samsung, Circle, Ubisoft, UFC, Bison Trails, Crypto Kitties, NBA TopShot.

SafePal (SFP)

The current value is $ 1.53.

This is a token that was created on the basis of the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) blockchain. Initially, it could only be obtained by downloading the Claim SFP Dapp and completing certain tasks. It was later added to exchanges and made available for trading. 

SafePal, the company that issued the SFP token, is a reputable developer of crypto hardware wallets. Participation in various events is available for holders of this token. Including in the polls for adding new DApps.

Various DeFi projects are already cooperating with SafePal, as well as centralized exchanges and other cryptocurrency services. 

Chia Cryptocurrency (XCH)

The current value is $ 263.44.

Among competing projects, this cryptocurrency stood out for its innovative approach to the mining process. You don’t need to buy ASICs or video cards to mine XCH. All the necessary work is done by using the free space of the hard disk of the PC. Such an algorithm for mining coins saves miners from large electricity bills and the need to spend large sums on special equipment. And the process of mining this cryptocurrency is called plotting.

Chia quickly gained popularity, which led to increased demand for hard drives and their shortages around the world.

This cryptocurrency differs from other digital projects also in that the complexity of its network increases by 7% daily.

Is it worth investing in a new cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other popular digital coins are expensive. Their course has already come a long way. And new cryptocurrencies are an opportunity to enter a project at the very beginning and potentially make a big profit within a few years.

Of course, you need to understand that not all new blockchains will become popular. But systems that meet the urgent needs of users will attract serious investment. That is, the risks can justify themselves.

Over the past 10 years, most of the large fortunes have been obtained in the crypto segment. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly monitor new digital currencies, analyze the advantages of projects and invest in the most promising ones.

But you shouldn’t concentrate all free money in one basket – resources must be distributed between different projects. This will minimize the risks of a major loss.

Great care should be taken when dealing with projects that are not yet traded on major exchanges. Such cryptocurrencies can be abandoned by developers for various reasons. But if the technology covers current needs or creates a new service with significant potential, then small investments before listing such a coin on the largest crypto exchanges are acceptable.

Cryptocurrencies Coming Soon

New projects appear on an ongoing basis. Among those that have already declared themselves, several promising options deserve attention.

Cryptocurrency Asva Finance (ASVA)

It is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator. The decentralized network is capable of connecting and interacting with multiple blockchains:

  • Binance Smart Chain;
  • Polkadot;
  • Avalanche;
  • Ethereum and others.

Thanks to the simultaneous access to liquidity of different platforms and pools, the aggregator provides users with the maximum increase in the size of their pharming profits.

In addition, Asva Finance has a feature to quickly select the best crypto loans by comparing the available lending protocols.

The ASVA token was created for use within the Polkadot ecosystem. Its main function is to provide mining, staking and voting for various directions of the liquidity aggregator’s development.

Cryptocurrency Polkarare (PRARE)

This platform allows you to create custom NFT tokens, as well as exchange and trade them. The network works with simultaneous connection to several blockchains:

  • Polkadot;
  • Binance Smart Chain;
  • Polygon Network;
  • Ethereum.

PRARE token holders have access to:

  • decentralized platform management;
  • participation in NFT drops;
  • receiving a reward for storing a token;
  • participation in farming;
  • staking of cryptoassets.

With the help of Polkarare, you can use NFT tokens as collateral for obtaining a loan.

Smartlink Cryptocurrency (SMAK)

The project is powered by the Tezos blockchain and supports escrow transaction solutions.

The key task is to ensure low cost of operations and high reliability of processes in comparison with such traditional payment systems as :

  • Stripe;
  • PayPal.

SMAK is a utility token of the new FA 1.2 format. Its holders can receive a deposit reward from 20 to 36% per year. However, they are exempt from paying transaction fees.

In addition, SMAK holders can vote for important decisions on the Smartlink platform.

Where to look for new cryptocurrencies

To search for information about projects with high potential, you can use special Telegram chats. You will have to take time to find them, but they allow you to conveniently view the ratings and asset selections.

Latest information about new cryptocurrency 2021 the year is placed on the platform and Binans – blog and on the page advertisements new kriptolistingov .

Also, useful information can be obtained on various analytical portals for traders and investors.


Studying promising projects and monitoring their updates is an important part of the activities of every investor who wants to make a profit in the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to high-quality analytics, you can not only successfully invest money, but also be among the first users of innovative technologies.

Risk warning. Cryptocurrency trading is associated with high market risks. Trade with care. Binance makes every effort to select quality coins, but is not responsible for your trading losses.

The information provided here should not be construed as financial or investment advice from Binance. You use all trading strategies at your own discretion and at your own peril and risk. Binance is not responsible for losses that may arise as a result of investment decisions made.