How to invest in HYIPs and make money

Investing in HYIPs (HYIP projects) is an opportunity to quickly earn a high income. However, many people in HYIPs do not receive income, but losses. Or they earn, but less than they would like. In this article, we will learn how to invest in HYIPs and earn maximum profits. And how not to lose yours.

HYIP projects, or, simply, HYIPs, are very profitable investment instruments. The profit in them can be from 0.5% to 10% per day. And in some cases, even more.

It is believed that it is very easy and convenient to invest in HYIPs. It does not require specific market analysis skills. No need to master the intricacies of work. I opened a deposit, and wait for you while the interest is dripping.

However, in practice, not everything turns out to be so simple. There are nuances that are important to consider in order not to lose your money and get as much as possible. These features will be discussed.

Hype life cycle

To successfully make money in HYIPs, you need to understand how they work, what are their features and risks. I will not go deep into the basics and features of HYIPs now. A separate article has been visited on this topic, which I recommend reading.

Well, the risks are probably the most understandable. The main and only risk in HYIPs is the termination of payments (the so-called “scam”). The scam is the final stage of an HYIP project.

To make it clearer, let’s see what, in general, there are stages of development of HYIPs:

Hype guerrilla

From this stage, development begins in a small number of medium and low-interest projects. HYIP guerrillas are launched without unnecessary noise and advertising. The sites of such projects are, as a rule, stereotyped and unremarkable.

A typical hype partisan looks like this. This particular orange pattern is found in every second partisan (click to enlarge)

Since there is no advertising, then investors find out about such a project, for the most part, by chance. Therefore, HYIP guerrilla administrators manage to maintain a small but growing influx of customers for a long time. This kind of guerrilla activity can last 3-6 months. And in some cases, up to a year.

During this time, the project administration is likely to form financial savings, which are eventually used to order high-quality design and advertising.

Features of HYIP guerrillas:

  • the project site may be unsightly and even contain errors;
  • there are no or very few reviews about the project;
  • HYIP bankruptcies at this stage are rare.

Project start

The full launch of the project is accompanied by an advertising campaign. Depending on the marketing budget, this could include email newsletters, advertisements and articles, forum topics, and media reviews.

Advertising, of course, pays off. A steady stream of investors appears. And, the further fate of the project depends on the dynamics of this flow.

In fact, at the start stage, there are several options for the development of events:

  1. If the HYIP is not attractive enough from the start, then the administrators either close the project or strengthen the marketing component. For projects with adequate profitability (up to 2% per day), the probability of a scam at this stage is quite low.
  2. If the project gets huge popularity from the first days, then this is bad. First, administrators immediately have a lot of obligations to their customers. And secondly, having received a large amount at once, they are tempted to immediately close the project without paying anyone at all.
  3. The ideal option is to systematically increase the audience of investors. If you see that the number of advertisements and reviews about the project is increasing systematically, and not dramatically and massively, then this greatly increases the potential of the project.

Oddly enough, it turns out that the quick success of the HYIP is a bad sign for investors. And if the popularity grows little by little, then that’s great. Here’s a paradox.

The peak of hype popularity

The moment when you hear about the project from every iron when it appeared in all investment forums, blogs, and ratings, can be conditionally called the peak of popularity. What does this mean for us?

This means that the audience of investors is maximum or close to maximum. This means that administrators will soon simply not have enough funds to pay everyone a profit. And there will be a default.

Most HYIP projects die at the peak of their popularity. Be sure to consider this. And if the project is already excessively promoted, then do not be tempted by mass advertising. Better pass by, and this way you will save your money.

When is it better to invest in HYIPs

Before deciding to invest in a particular project, be sure to try to find information and independent reviews about it. From this information, you can understand at what stage of development the HYIP is and how investors are disposed towards it.

HYIP design is important. The better and more unusual it is, the higher the chance that the project will work longer.

The impact of reviews on any HYIP, in general, is difficult to overestimate. One has only to rise a wave of indignation from one or two investors, and panic immediately arises. Everyone starts to withdraw deposits. And this situation means a quick scam.

In part, this is why there are so many messages on the network about payments in this or that project. There are fresh payments – excellent. No – then this is a scam. For example, experienced investors try to help themselves and their colleagues by publishing information about the current state of affairs.

In addition, it is extremely important to take into account the seasonality factor. HYIPs are always risky. But, the most dangerous are the first three decades of December, as well as August. The most favorable periods for investing in HYIPs are January and the first half of summer.

Highly profitable projects always have extremely high risks. Very often they close in one or two days or do not pay funds at all. So, investing in fast HYIPs is unfavorable from January to December 24/7. 🙂

Accordingly, if you decide to invest in HYIP, then the best option is to invest in a low or medium-interest project in the first month from the date of its full launch. If the profitability of the project is less than 1% per day, then investments in the second month can also be considered.

Now about the timing of investment. Everything is simple here. In order not to get into a mess, I advise you to invest no more than one minimum period for each specific project.

How to invest in HYIPs and make money

In fact, this is a very important question. I have already been asked it many times. Therefore, I consider it important to highlight this point.

First of all, I note that in the overwhelming majority of cases, HYIPs work with a quartet of payment systems:

All of these systems provide a very high level of confidentiality. Governments do not control the transactions that go through these systems. Therefore, the risk of blocking a wallet belonging to the project is practically zero.

At the same time, as a rule, it is impossible to pay or withdraw money from the project to an ordinary plastic card. In addition, our national currencies are not always suitable for projects. Many HYIPs only work with dollars. And how to be in this situation?

In practice, there are different services such as Euroset, which allow you to transfer funds with cards and Payeer wallet. But the conversion rate is ten percent worse than the market rate.

In addition, when investing in a project, a commission of Payeer itself arises, which is 0.95%. In general, everyone is fighting at exorbitant prices. Fortunately, there is a better option.

Optimal investment scheme for HYIPs

In my opinion, this is the most profitable option for investing in HYIPs:

  1. Register and go through verification in the Perfect Money payment system. The system commission when working with projects will be 0.5%, and this is almost half that of Payeer;
  2. Use automatic electronic exchangers. They work around the clock, transfer money between cards and payment systems instantly and at a rate close to the exchange rate (which, as a rule, is more profitable than in banks). I can recommend several trusted exchangers with which I myself have been working for a long time X-Change60cek  and AlfaCashier. These exchangers are not only reliable but also always have substantial reserves available and offer the best rate in comparison with other services.
     The difference in rates at the same time is very indicative. Replenishment of Payeer via Euroset is 11.7% more expensive than replenishment of Perfect Money via an exchanger
  3. Use affiliate reward return. Let me explain briefly what this means.
    If you register in a particular project using someone’s affiliate (referral) link, then this person receives a reward in the form of a share of your contribution or profit. Simply put, the usual agency fee, which is used today in banks and insurance companies.
    However, some return a portion of their affiliate fees to investors. This is done to build loyalty or for some other purpose. Such a refund is usually called “refback”.
    I would also like to say that for all of you, dear readers, there is an opportunity to receive half of the partnership reward when registering using my affiliate links in a particular project. More specifically, depending on the terms of the affiliate program of a particular project, the refund will be from 1% to 5%.

Thus, using the indicated scheme, it is possible to save at least 7% to 15% of the deposit on transactions. I think this is very significant and pleasant.


In any case, investing in HYIPs is a risk. Therefore, I strongly recommend not investing the last or borrowed money in projects. At the same time, it is better if each HYIP will account for no more than 5-15% of the investment portfolio.

That, perhaps, is all that I wanted to share in this article. I would be glad if you were interested in reading it. Well, the advice, I am sure, will help save your money and time.