Investment portfolio

I would like to share with you my portfolio of investments over the last week, along with extensive observations on it. As always, I’ll be available for suggestions and questions.

Portfolio composition

My investments currently are split among trust account, HYIP projects, cryptocurrencies, and securities.

Accounts for trust as well as Securities are the most secure investments. Reliability should be the first priority. Therefore, investments that are conservative are a major part of my investment portfolio.

On average, they make approximately half of their earnings each week. Sometimes, they earn a little less. Sometimes, it’s much more.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are fairly recent technology. Most likely, everyone has heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the very first and most popular, however, it is not the only one.

Many people believe that the time for Bitcoin has come to an end. However, Bitcoin is growing quite quickly at the moment. You can also make money with another promising cryptocurrency. What I’m doing.

Today, I am investing in bitcoin, as well as two other promising (and trustworthy) cryptos. Over the last year, this investment has brought more than 100% profits. A very good growth rate is already evident for 2021.

While investment ventures are very risky, they can be very profitable, and very lucrative. They’re the primary “locomotive” of profitability in my portfolio. In the last week, the ROI in my projects was + 7.23 percent!

The projects are profitable enough that even if a few of them close and the profits from the other projects will cover this less. Therefore that we are still with a significant profit.

The most important thing in this industry is diversification. In simple terms, it’s crucial not to store funds in one area instead of distributing the funds over a variety of projects simultaneously. At a minimum, 3 or 5. This is the secret to earning money from investments.

Let’s now examine each of the categories in the portfolio.

Investment projects

Projects for investment (they are sometimes referred to as “HYIP projects”) are the most profitable investment options. They can earn tens or even hundreds of dollars of profit within a short period of.

New projects are announced each week. Some are even closed. The latest list of solvent businesses by clicking here the list of investment projects. The link is visible in the upper menu on the website.

Today, I invest in several investments. To make it easier, I separated them into ones that are relatively new as well as ones that have established their value in the past.

MMK Investment will be the most well-known project in my portfolio right now. It is a long-term investment with rates that fluctuate between 0.5 percent to 2% per day. It has been working successfully for around one year.

The project is compatible with all payment methods that are popular which includes banks cards. The money is earned each day and is available to withdraw instantly. The money is withdrawn generally within a few hours.

The work is done. This is why I have entrusted to the business a large amount of $ 1,000.

Another excellent project that I have in my portfolio includes Genesis. It is a straightforward but high-quality long-term investment opportunity. Through this project, we could earn 0.8 percent to 3% profit daily. The deposit can be opened on either long or short time periods.

The company has a working relationship with the most popular payment systems.

If you invest in these investment options through my affiliate link, you will earn additional money by way of 50 percent of my affiliate compensation. If you have an opportunity, let’s maximize it!

Additionally, I would like for you to know that you can choose to create an individual investment portfolio with the least risk possible, based upon your personal preferences. To make this happen, make a short, formalized form or send me a message in any manner via email or skype.

Alpari Accounts

Today, Alpari is the largest and most well-known broker. It is the reason Alpari has the highest number of trust accounts. They have hundreds if perhaps thousands of them in existence. There’s plenty to choose from.

This week, I rearranged my investments with Alpari somewhat. My current portfolio of investments includes six trust accounts at the Alpari company:

Moriarti provides a great trading strategy that’s consistently profitable. At times, it is more than five percent per week. Today, due to the consistent profit this account has become the most sought-after among investors.

Forpost is an account that is stable but dynamic with a solid background. In simple terms, this implies that the manager earns profit, but the weeks that are not profitable are very rare.

MyEnlightment is an account that is moderately conservative in its trading which is currently among the top ten accounts of Alpari. The general consensus is that this manager’s performance is very steady. Sometimes, however, it delivers particularly striking weekly results, and it is pleased with profits.

Itera can be a consistent profit-making account that is consistently profitable. The manager makes a few small transactions and then takes the profit. There isn’t much risk.

Ethenity can be described as a conservative investment strategy that has good returns.


Now, my portfolio of investments includes shares of one particular company. I hold Sberbank shares.

Sberbank expands every year and is showing increasing positive results. Did you remember the lines at Sberkassa in the past? Horror. I don’t want to think about it.

Now, Sberbank is one of the leading companies for processing automation and service quality. This isn’t speaking about the reality that they are the most affordable loans, such as mortgages.

At present, Sberbank is not about queues, but rather an innovative company that cannot be described as simply an institution. Sberbank invests in many sectors. Internet technology, science as well as drones.

Because of the impressive direction by German Gref, Sberbank makes enormous profits each year. The company’s shares are rising in value. The worth of the business increases.

In the end, the profit margin of Sberbank shares is ranging between 20 and 50% annually. Sberbank has already surpassed Gazprom in terms of market value. In addition, for the past more than three years, Sberbank is the largest firm in Russia.

To ensure that my claims are not in doubt, I checked the actual figures. Between June 2016 until June 2021 The amount of Sberbank shares was up 2.2 times! At the close of 2021, we’re expecting another great return on Sberbank shares.

Financial results

Profit during the week of 5-11 June 2021 was 0.79 percent.


  • Trust accounts earned a profit of + 0.84 percent
  • Profit from investments in projects was + 7.23 percent
  • the depreciation loss of cryptocurrencies was -0.15 percentage
  • The return on investment of the shares was 0.93 percent

In terms of monetary value, the net profit was plus 271.79 dollars. 271.79 (20,050 rubles)