Top 3 Most Promising Cryptocurrencies For Today

Over the past year, this rating has changed a huge number of times. How many analysts, so many opinions. But this is normal, because the market does not stand still. The dynamic development of events makes you keep your finger on the pulse and closely monitor the situation.

1. EOS  is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. This is because, firstly, the long-awaited launch of the EOS blockchain is planned in June. Secondly, the current altcoin tokens are being exchanged for the new blockchain tokens. The old ones will stop working. As a result, the number of coins will decrease, which will undoubtedly affect the cost. By the summer, prices are expected to jump by about 2.5 times.

Recall that last year, EOS had both ups and downs: the price ranged from $ 0.47 to $ 18 per coin. Today there is confidence that this year the currency will face the renewal of its historical maximum. You can buy and store it on the Bitfinex exchange or use a mobile wallet for storage.

2. Bitcoin  takes an honorable second place, because it is, in fact, a unique professional tool and a kind of mirror of the market that reflects the current situation. Other cryptocurrencies still depend on its rate. Already next month, the exchange rate is expected to increase to 11-15 thousand dollars per 1 coin, and then fall to 5-6 thousand by mid-summer. Then there was a temporary lull until September, and a steady rise to the level of 20-25 thousand dollars.

You can buy bitcoin in an exchanger or on any exchange, and it is better to store it in a wallet at

3. Closing the top three is a cryptocurrency called  IOTA . It is believed that it has the most powerful potential, but it will not be possible to realize it within the current year.

IOTA is an electronic currency for small transactions on the Internet, without fees or mining. The price at the time of this writing is $ 2 and is expected to rise to $ 6 by the end of the year. The potential rise is associated with the network upgrade (transaction verification will be removed) and the development of cooperation with major global companies.

In 2017, IOTA grew 19.33 times from summer to December. Buying and storing is most convenient at